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Distance from Surat Airport to important landmarks in Surat with approximate driving time:-

  • 03 kms to ONGC circle (flyover) - 5 minutes
  • 09 kms to International Convention Center - 10 minutes
  • 10 kms to Parle Point circle - 10 minutes
  • 13 kms to Old City - Chowk - 20 minutes
  • 15 kms to Textile Market / Ring Rd - 25 minutes
  • 17 kms to Railway Stattion - 30 minutes

Approximate Distance and travel time to Surat Airport From:-

  • Dumas Beach: 9 kms / 10 minutes
  • Udhana GIDC: 15 kms / 25 minutes
  • Sachin: 20 kms / 30 minutes
  • Hazira Industrial Area: 21 kms / 30 minutes
  • Suvaali Beach: 23 kms / 40 minutes
  • Sarthana Nature Park: 25 kms / 35 minutes
  • Kadodara NH8: 30 kms / 45 minutes
  • Kamrej NH8: 32 kms / 50 minutes
  • Navsari : 38 kms / 55 minutes
  • Bardoli: 46 kms / 1 hr
  • Ubharat Beach: 48 kms / 1 hr
  • Daandi Beach: 56 kms / 1 hr 10 minutes
  • Ankleshwar GIDC: 75 kms / 1 hr 20 minutes
  • Bharuch: 85 kms / 1 hr 30 minutes
  • Tithal Beach: 100 kms / 2 hrs
  • Daman Beach / Vapi: 125 kms / 2 hrs 30 minutes 

Availability of transportation from the Airport:

  • General Taxi Service: Available via Private Taxi operators
  • Pre-paid Taxi Service: Under Consideration
  • Car rental service: Coming Soon at Arrival Hall
  • BRTS: Bus Rapid Transit Services (Air Conditioned Coach Service)  AVAILABLE  [Started - September, 2017]
  • City Bus Service: SITILINK Bus Services are available with limited frequency from & up to Entry Gate
  • Inter State Bus Service: Connecting buses can be availed with City Bus Service at the Main Entry Gate.
  • Inter State Taxi/Car Service: Not Available
  • Airport Shuttle Service: Not Available
  • Auto Rickshaw Stand: Not Available
  • Metro Rail System: NOT AVAILABLE

          Surat City METRO Rail plans have been Approved and is expected to enter construction phase in 2017. Strangely AIRPORT is NOT on the

          METRO route map.

Travel Advisory Notes:

Security-check timinigs & Baggage Policy: 

Most Airports & Airlines follow the 2 hours drill - 30 minutes for Boarding pass & Baggage Check-In, 45 minutes for security check & 45 minutes for Boarding & Gates close, prior to the flight departure time. While the Gate-Close timing is stringently followed by the Airlines with no exceptions made after the last 45 minutes time-slot is missed out; the 45 minutes time-slot is an average requirement for security-check and may vary in duration at different times & at different Airports.

For International flights the drill is extended up to 3 hours prior to flight departure time, keeping in mind the additional time required for the mandatory Customs & Immigration checks. 

Please refer to the specific requirements and announcements made by the Airport & Airlines, from time to time and flyers are advised to strictly adhere to them for their Check-In times & Baggage Policy. 


Althought the transportation facilities are constantly improving at the Airport with the increase in flight frequency and a larger footfall of passengers: however there is a very price prohibitive and unreliable service available at the airport for transportation for immediate need on landing at the Airport and to an extent, the same applies for reaching to the Airport from distant locations.

In the given situation it is best advised that prior travel arrangements, with proper due diligence, is made with the service providers to avoid any surprises & inconvenience. 

BRTS/SITILINK bus services is Now Available with limited frequency as per Flight Arrival Schedule. It picks up passengers from LHS of the Arrival Gate and drops till VR Mall ("Y"Junction) on Dumas Road. Passengers can change Bus here to connect with the rest of the city. 

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