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Surat Airport

Surat, Gujarat - India

Surat Airport is located on Magdalla - Dumas Road towards the famous Dumas Beach on the South-West part of the city, approximately 20kms from the city center.

The Airport currently serves Surat city with a population of 6 million and serves the South Gujarat region with an overall population of 12 million, Besides the intrastate connectivity provided by Surat based NSOP, with Ahmedabad, Amreli, Bhavnagar and Rajkot; the city has had limited air connectivity, for many long years, until recently.

The new airport terminal was inaugurated in the year 2009 and licensed by the DGCA as aerodrome for public use in 2011 as per the ICAO guidelines. Air India, the National carrier had started its operation since May, 2007 and remained the sole service provider to STV, until February, 2012 when SpiceJet a Private LCC, provided the desperately needed additional connectivity. 

However, the service of SpiceJet came to an abrupt end; when one of the aircraft hit a wandering buffalo on the runway while take-off resulting in immediate & indefinite termination of service in late 2014.

Although with scanty connectivity provided by Scheduled Airlines, the airport otherwise has been patronized regularly by Charter Services of MNCs from Hazira, VVIP Movements(PMOI), State Government(CMGUJ), Air force(C 17 Globe master), Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Heliport for Pvt. operators, Pilot Training Academy and lately by a Non Scheduled Operator - Ventura Air Connect, which is a NSOP based out of Surat.

Taking in view severe ramifications of the buffalo-hit on the runway, major renovation and up-gradation work was taken up in 2015 and in a span of three painstaking years, remarkable developments have been made till date. The airport renovation consisting of periphery walls, to runway repair & extension, aero-bridge installation etc.; pending few tasks almost all of the measures for a safe & secure functioning of the airport, more or less has now been achieved.

With the commercial success of the sole Air India service and the up-gradation at the Airport, apparently became a reason for SpiceJet to relaunch its services in March, 2017. The airport since then has witnessed tremendous growth to more than double the footfall in passenger traffic in a year-on-year comparison. This encouraged SpiceJet and has added Five more destinations connecting with Surat in a short span of 3 months of its relaunch.

Two more destinations have been added starting December, 2017

This has grabbed the attention of other airlines, which had been playing shy until now to provide air connectivity to Surat, and have now come to explore the neglected potential of the city. Ssmelling profits in the air, other airlines are now overtly or covertly showing symptoms of getting a piece of this pie. Many Airlines have done their due-diligence and are waiting for the next season schedule to announce their allegiance to the city. To the extent that Air India Express has even 'expressed' its willingness to fly the city, Internationally by starting Surat - Dubai flights in the next few months.

Due to the long delay in completion of the extension and repair work of the runway and bureaucratic delay in approvals for Customs & Immigration by the State government the progress has been haltered. However with all the runway work fully accomplished, Customs & Immigration Service staffing allotted, it is highly anticipated that Security by CISF to be added soon too. 

The Airport will now be set for Limited International operations by April, 2018 instead of earlier anticipated date of November, 2017.

Given that the Cargo Terminal work has been awarded and expected to be completed by late 2018. Hopefully with Extended Passenger Terminal being added in the next two years, Surat Airport seems to be taking to wings over the seven seas and should be all set to achieve a full fledged International Status by year 2019 with a capacity to handle more than a Million passengers yearly and a ranking among top 30 busy Airports in India.

Some Technical Details:-

Surat Civil Aerodrome

  • Code no: 4   Code Letter: C
  • Latitude: 21.06/57.76 (WGS)-84
  • Longitude: 72.44/30.55 (WGS)-84
  • Elevation: 29 Feet
  • Airport Area: 292 Hectares (317 hctrs earlier)


  • Orientation: 22 / 04 
  • 22 - Precision - ILS - CAT-I - PAPI
  • 04 - Simple Approach Light - PAPI
  • Lighting: Edge Lights Only
  • Surface: Asphalt
  • Dimensions: 2250 mtrs (7382 ft) x 45 Mtrs 
  • 2905 mtrs (8950 ft): Completed Dec, 2017
  • Parking Bay: 4 Nos. 62/R/W/T - AB321 or smaller aircraft
  • Fire Fighting: CAT VI - Two latest fire tenders

                                CAT VII - when required   

ATC: Watch Hours 

  • Daily 0615 - 1100 to 1800 - 2150 hrs

Airport Offices observe Central Govt Timings & Holidays

Terminal Capacity:-

  • Domestic: Current 6800 sqmt, plus 11886 sqmt
  • Ground floor: Current 3600 sqmt, plus 5714 sqmt for International Arrival/Departure
  • 1st floor: Current 3200 sqmt with 2 Aerobridges, plus 6172 sqmt for International Arrival/Departure
  • Arrival Lounge: 240 passengers per hour
  • Departure Lounge: 240 passengers per hour

  • Proposed Expansion:

  • Cargo Terminal: Work commences Dec, 2017
  • Immediate aquisition of 64 hctrs for Runway extension out of remaining 864 hctrs & 955 hctrs of total reserved land 
  • Proposed Runway 2: 3810 mtrs and Taxiway
  • Terminal II - International Dome 
  • Apron Capacity: 7 Aircrafts at a time
  • Hangars: Proposed
  • Passenger Handling capacity: 55-60 Million Per annum by 2035 to be achieved in phases.

Operational Hours for Public

  • Daily 07:00 - 2200 hrs

Airline offices are usually open from 0930 - 1730 hrs/6Days

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