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Know more about the oldest port city "Suryapur" 

Surat city is located on the western part of India in the state of Gujarat. It is one of the most dynamic city of India with one of the fastest growth rate due to its employment opportunities and over all development bringing in an influx of migrants from various part of Gujarat and other parts of the country. Practically having zero per cent unemployment and earning one of the highest per capita income to its citizens in the country.

Surat ranks on top as one of the cleanest city of India and hence it is also known by            
name of "The Clean City" besides the names like "The Silk City" or "The Diamond City" due to its trade affiliation. The latest name that it has gained is "Bridge City" or "The City of Flyovers", obvious to the fact of infrastructural development in the city keeping pace with its exponential growth. It will soon gain the name of "Metro City" literally, once the Metro rail link is established in the coming decade, combining the twin city - Navsari and making it to a population as large as any Metro city in India.

In the past few centuries, Surat was a flourishing port of call with ships from more than 84 countries using it for trade and remained anchored at its harbor. It was considered as one of the safest harbors as it had a channel access from the Arabian sea to the inner land through the out flowing river Tapti (Tapi) which snaked through the entire city and the sole reason for the origin and progress of this city.

This is the city where the British first landed in India and later started its British India Company for trade and treachery; the rest is very well known history. The Dutch and the Portuguese also established there business centers in Surat, some of the remnants of which are still preserved in the modern day Surat.
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