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Dumas Beach

Quintessentially, the oldest tourist-spot for weekends & holidays, within the city for the locals  Hoards of them are noticed heading towards the beach from day break and the revelery in the form of feasting, on the most famous Ratalu-puri, seasonal fruits, home foods, camel rides, pony rides & giant wheel, etc, continues till late evening. 
It's like a one day fair on the barren banks of the beach, as the ocean has receded miles away from the main land, over the years and one has to trudge it up to that far point to change the first impression about Dumas.

Gopi Talao

Historical lake, artificially created to thwart sweet water crisis of the city when Municipality did not even exist, now turned into a fine picnic spot  right in the middle of the congested old city center. Not only the lake is revived but now the musical water fountains & synchronized light display add to the beauty at night. To maintain its charms, it has an entry fee to avoid  misuse of the place, which now has become the pride of Surat, Especially since the old city has never had a facility like this provided in a very, very long time.

Science Center

A One-in-ALL place to visit within the city, located ideally in the Citylight area. Consists of an Art Gallery, Artifact Gallery(Museum) Amphi Theater, Auditorium, Diamond & Textile Gallery, Planetarium and a Restaurant.
A must go place to visit with children for a free movie of the Galaxy
Major part of the Science Center is Centrally Air-conditioned and has ample basement parking.


A fairly New Attraction of Surat city. Modern structure with fully air conditioned facility. Practically way to small facility for a city like Surat & added visitors from Surat District, It easily gets crowded on a busy day and entry time gets longer and the viewing time even shorter,
The main attraction is the 2 storey see-through-water tank, home for Great White Shark, shipped especially to Surat from the havens of deep ocean.

Sarthana Zoological Garden

A Nature Park and Zoo, on the East side of the city Has a large area of Green cover and some exotic species of  flora & fauna with a children's park. It is the most famous venue for school picnics and holidays, particularly for out of city schools, visiting it as a full day picnic spot & outing.
The Park is now well connected with BRTS (City AC Bus Service) route.

Tapi Riverfront Park

Highly glorified to beat its competion from the State Capital, but not a close comparison to it. The city though takes pride in having a landmark similar to it. & certainly why not, as this corner of the city was infested with slums and clamour which has now turned into another clean & peaceful spot for the citizens.
This location has had its historical glory, popularly known as Ponk-Nagar, where Surat's famous PONK - fresh millet was traditionally made fresh  &  served.with savories & sweets On the sidelines a winter fair with handicarfts exhibition & sale would be organised lasting for the entire season .

Botanical Garden

Surat city is also known as the Garden city where the Municipal corporation has made remarkable headway in making green spots available all around the city. This park as its name suggests, has an added feature of a Green house hosting various plant species all around the year. It also has a lake and large park area with jogging track. Certainly a good spot for the neighbourhood but visited over by people from all over the city, as one can see the open skylines here, unlike most parks in the city. Recently 'City View Balloon' a new feature has been added at the park for the visitors.

Suvali Beach

Pristine, but isolated beach across from Dumas Beach on the Hazira side, split in-between by Tapti river. Ear marked by Tourism Department for development and promotion of tourism and weekend outing spot, but not much has been done as fantasized. Ideal spot for a weekend drive within the city, during daylight hours, with camping gear and home packed food. & drinking water.
Good enough for splashing in the sea water on the banks but not  advisable for water sports or deep sea swimming.

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